memory at pullman

memory at pullman

Monday, February 7, 2011

i should thanks to be myself

Hi!! First of all i would like to introduce myself.My name is Nursyazana.
I was born in my own village at Bachok,Kelantan,Malaysia.It be very odd because many people was born at the hospital and aside by the nurse and doctor.But me was born at my village and aside by the midwife.Then,i was living at Johore because my father work there.

Since living there,i was got many experience that never will be feel like children nowadays.While live in Simpang Rengam,Johore,my father work as a policeman but it
called like "police in the jungle" because always 
seldom to meet his family even to meet me.I always miss my father at that time.My mother always take care my sister and I even my father was so far from us.During live at the Johore,I also love the experience go to school by Police's truck.It was very funny when i remember that moment.At that time also,majority among my friend is police's cildren.If want to friend with another people not from same group with police children,that place was in the school.
School is a place for me to meet people from other race,other place and others.
After 9 years live at the Johore,my family finally moved to Kompleks Klia.I live at the Klia just for 9 months because my family wait until the construction
of Putrajaya already finished.At that time also my father alternating from Klia to Putrajaya.Alhamdulillah, my mother pregnant my little brother at that time,so my father can move faster to Putrajaya.
It maybe fortune mother's pregnant thats why we get to move faster to Putrajaya.
Firstly, when knowing the news moving to Putrajaya, i really excited.I just a few month got new friend at school in Klia,now i have to move.It really hard.
I loss contact with my classmate after moved to Putrajaya.
Finally,i forgot about that after i meet many friends.I become happy.
Now, my family still living at Putrajaya.I think its about 10 years living there.Time running faster.My sibling become big and bigger.My brother is taller than me now.He always make me jealous with his height.I miss all my brothers.Always together with them to make joke,make some gossip,story telling during they are at school.I like to hear about their school.It very happy become a sister.
I also have a sister.My sister is Nurizzaty.She is the only one my sister.Even she is the angry sister, i love her.We always together when i was too young.
Sometimes she makes me smile,laughing,happy.My sister master in cooking,so  
it doesn`t matter for her to win my mother's heart.My mother always to praise
her cooking is well.Sometimes,i try to cook better than her.Yeah! That`s must be great when some day i try to cook 'Ikan Siakap Steam'.It was so superb.The food finished well.I think i cannot cook good as my sister.Its just playfull in my mind.I should not thinking like that.We have to think positive.We should think,we can do it.
my auntie`s wedding

its me

during graduation day after spm.

during working after spm examination and work as a promoter

with my friends during further studying at College Matriculation Gambang Pahang.

during semester break at Teluk Cempedak

.with my classmate at SMK Putrajaya Presint 16(1)

with friends during their mid term break 

my friends and i at Pullman.

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