memory at pullman

memory at pullman

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

memory with them

Hi!! In this post i like to share about my experience with BITDans. Did you know what is BITD?Among them BITD is Bachelor Information Technology Database.Even my experience with them only 1 sem,but the experience cannot buy by money.The experience more valueable.
First of all,before i was enter to the UiTM, i was study at UTeM.Many people especially my friend ask to me what course you take at UTeM? Its hard to answer the question.Actually i was quit from UTeM because i cannot go on with course Computer Science in Database.You can imagine that the student account studying about computer coding? Its probably not a normal matter,but after 1 sem with the Computer Science,i think it not suitable with me.It was fortunate because during study at UTeM,i was apply business course.I think its better to study the course suit with myself.I have to change the course if dont want to do that i have to work harder and harder.Many ways I have done during the semester break.Solat istiqarah give me the result to change the university even i know its hard for me and my friends.Slowly,without knowing by my friends, i go to the UTeM to make clearance after one semester studying there.Many protest i got from my family.My aunty especially.She many times advice to me  about the changes of university.I hope i make the best choice.Fortunately i got the offer from UiTM.If not,i just stay studying at UTeM only.

There are some happy ,sweet,sad memory i got while studying there.

during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

all of us in front of the mosque.

waiting for the bus to pick us to back hostel.

before enter the Organisation Software class.

BITD is the no1.

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