memory at pullman

memory at pullman

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



In  telecommunications, wireless communication may be used to transfer information over short distances (a few meters as in television remote control) or long distances (thousands or millions of kilometers for radio communications). The term is often shortened to "wireless". It encompasses various types of fixed, mobile, and portable two-way radios, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and wireless networking. Other examples of wireless technology include GPS units, garage door openers and or garage doors, wirelesscomputer mice, keyboards and headsets, satellite television and cordless telephones.

Wireless operations permits services, such as long range communications, that are impossible or impractical to implement with the use of wires. The term is commonly used in the telecommunications industry to refer to telecommunications systems (e.g. radio transmitters and receivers, remote controls, computer networks, network terminals, etc.) which use some form of energy (e.g. radio frequency (RF), infraredlight, laser light, visible light, acoustic energy, etc.) to transfer information without the use of wires. Information is transferred in this manner over both short and long distances.

The term "wireless" has become a generic and all-encompassing word used to describe communications in which electromagnetic waves or RF (rather than some form of wire) carry a signal over part or the entire communication path. Common examples of wireless equipment in use today include:
§  Professional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio) typically used by business, industrial and Public Safety entities.
§  Consumer Two way radio including FRS Family Radio Service, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and Citizens band ("CB") radios.
§  The Amateur Radio Service (Ham radio).
§  Consumer and professional Marine VHF radios.
§  Cellular telephones and pagers: provide connectivity for portable and mobile applications, both personal and business.
§  Global Positioning System (GPS): allows drivers of cars and trucks, captains of boats and ships, and pilots of aircraft to ascertain their location anywhere on earth.
§  Cordless computer peripherals: the cordless mouse is a common example; keyboards and printers can also be linked to a computer via wireless.
§  Cordless telephone sets: these are limited-range devices, not to be confused with cell phones.
§  Satellite television: Is broadcast from satellites in geostationary orbit. Typical services use digital broadcasting to provide multiple channels to viewers.

Wireless networking (i.e. the various types of unlicensed 2.4 GHz WiFi devices) is used to meet many needs. Perhaps the most common use is to connect laptop users who travel from location to location. Another common use is for mobile networks that connect via satellite. A wireless transmission method is a logical choice to network a LAN segment that must frequently change locations. The following situations justify the use of wireless technology:
§  To span a distance beyond the capabilities of typical cabling,
§  To provide a backup communications link in case of normal network failure,
§  To link portable or temporary workstations,
§  To overcome situations where normal cabling is difficult or financially impractical, or
§  To remotely connect mobile users or networks.

Wireless communication can be via:
§  radio frequency communication,
§  microwave communication, for example long-range line-of-sight via highly directional antennas, or short-range communication, or
§  infrared (IR) short-range communication, for example from remote controls or via Infrared Data Association (IrDA).

The term "wireless" should not be confused with the term "cordless", which is generally used to refer to powered electrical or electronic devices that are able to operate from a portable power source (e.g. a battery pack) without any cable or cord to limit the mobility of the cordless device through a connection to the mains power supply.
Some cordless devices, such as cordless telephones, are also wireless in the sense that information is transferred from the cordless telephone to the telephone's base unit via some type of wireless communications link. This has caused some disparity in the usage of the term "cordless", for example in Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.

Security systems
Wireless technology may supplement or replace hard wired implementations in security systems for homes or office buildings.
Cellular telephone (phones and modems)

Perhaps the best known example of wireless technology is the cellular telephone and modems. These instruments use radio waves to enable the operator to make phone calls from many locations worldwide. They can be used anywhere that there is a cellular telephone site to house the equipment that is required to transmit and receive the signal that is used to transfer both voice and data to and from these instruments.

Main article: Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is a wireless local area network that enables portable computing devices to connect easily to the Internet. Standardized as IEEE 802.11 a,b,g,n, Wi-Fi approaches speeds of some types of wired Ethernet. Wi-Fi hot spots have been popular over the past few years. Some businesses charge customers a monthly fee for service, while others have begun offering it for free in an effort to increase the sales of their goods.
Wireless energy transfer

Wireless energy transfer is a process whereby electrical energy is transmitted from a power source to an electrical load that does not have a built-in power source, without the use of interconnecting wires.
Computer interface devices

Answering the call of customers frustrated with cord clutter, many manufactures of computer peripherals turned to wireless technology to satisfy their consumer base. Originally these units used bulky, highly limited transceivers to mediate between a computer and a keyboard and mouse, however more recent generations have used small, high quality devices, some even incorporating Bluetooth. These systems have become so ubiquitous that some users have begun complaining about a lack of wired peripherals.Wireless devices tend to have a slightly slower response time than their wired counterparts, however the gap is decreasing. Initial concerns about the security of wireless keyboards have also been addressed with the maturation of the technology.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information systems are useful for companies and businesses wanting to    make the accounting process easier by utilizing a computer program or other system that will perform payroll and other functions. These systems, commonly including accounting software, make it easier to compile financial data for use in taxes, payroll, and other bookkeeping requirements. Recording is the first step in these systems that are used by companies including pertinent data such as expenses and profits that are very important to keep on file. After the recording phase, the information will be processed for use. When processed, it is filed in the areas where it is most important. These systems have various groupings or categories to maintain files until they need to be used in the future for whatever reasons. The final step that is part of most software programs is the communication phase. This is the process of actually utilizing the records that have been recorded and processed. Common communications of this data will be used for payroll and tax purposes. "The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want.                                                       
"The use of information systems is very important in recording vital financial data that will be used in the future. Major corporations, especially in the retail industry, will keep such data as sales, profits, expenses, and many other items for future use in financial reports. Recording will be done often on a daily basis, if not on a minute-by-minute basis with more complex and detailed accounting software. This is very important also because it will not only be used for daily practices, but will be necessary for tax purposes for the remainder of the year. Also, much of this data has to be kept on file for a number of years, in the event of an audit or other financial issues that may arise. Legal issues can cause severe problems and even end in the destruction of a company. By using computerized accounting information systems to organize and retain this data, companies have a 
much better chance to survive and succeed.

 After the process of recording information with software, the next step that is taken is processing. With most accounting software or programs, there are different files and categories where records can be stored. This filing or storage can be done manually by the individual or group of people who works with the accounting information systems. Programs can also be set to do this automatically as information is entered into the system. Certain criteria can be set up in the program to allow the program to place files and data in the places or areas where it is supposed to go. There will usually be different categories for different data and some of the categories may include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, purchasing, and other information that needs to be recorded and retained. 

The final step is the process of communicating the data in the area in which it should be communicated. First, and most importantly, tax records that are recorded and processed can be communicated at the time that filing taxes is done. Some major corporations that are broken down into quarters may utilize this data on a quarterly basis. Other companies, especially smaller businesses, may only be concerned with this information on an annual basis. For large corporations, like major retailers, there are often several smaller stores or branches of the company that must share information through accounting software or systems. This information can help the company forecast sales, profits, loss, and a variety of other things. Many corporations share this information on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. The process of communication is probably the most important stage of accounting information systems because this is the point where results are known and records will be put to use.

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memory with them

Hi!! In this post i like to share about my experience with BITDans. Did you know what is BITD?Among them BITD is Bachelor Information Technology Database.Even my experience with them only 1 sem,but the experience cannot buy by money.The experience more valueable.
First of all,before i was enter to the UiTM, i was study at UTeM.Many people especially my friend ask to me what course you take at UTeM? Its hard to answer the question.Actually i was quit from UTeM because i cannot go on with course Computer Science in Database.You can imagine that the student account studying about computer coding? Its probably not a normal matter,but after 1 sem with the Computer Science,i think it not suitable with me.It was fortunate because during study at UTeM,i was apply business course.I think its better to study the course suit with myself.I have to change the course if dont want to do that i have to work harder and harder.Many ways I have done during the semester break.Solat istiqarah give me the result to change the university even i know its hard for me and my friends.Slowly,without knowing by my friends, i go to the UTeM to make clearance after one semester studying there.Many protest i got from my family.My aunty especially.She many times advice to me  about the changes of university.I hope i make the best choice.Fortunately i got the offer from UiTM.If not,i just stay studying at UTeM only.

There are some happy ,sweet,sad memory i got while studying there.

during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

all of us in front of the mosque.

waiting for the bus to pick us to back hostel.

before enter the Organisation Software class.

BITD is the no1.

happy with housemate

Hi,all of you.This time i would like to talk about my housemate.i think there is no time together with them because all of us busy with their assignment and study.One day ,all of us was outing go to shopping mall together.We spent time together.

6 of 10 housemate.

Aishah,Intan Raihana,Intan Nadia during meal time.

together with me is Zehan and Syuhada.

all suppose to enter into the mirror.haha.

It was so great when have a time together.

Monday, February 7, 2011

i should thanks to be myself

Hi!! First of all i would like to introduce myself.My name is Nursyazana.
I was born in my own village at Bachok,Kelantan,Malaysia.It be very odd because many people was born at the hospital and aside by the nurse and doctor.But me was born at my village and aside by the midwife.Then,i was living at Johore because my father work there.

Since living there,i was got many experience that never will be feel like children nowadays.While live in Simpang Rengam,Johore,my father work as a policeman but it
called like "police in the jungle" because always 
seldom to meet his family even to meet me.I always miss my father at that time.My mother always take care my sister and I even my father was so far from us.During live at the Johore,I also love the experience go to school by Police's truck.It was very funny when i remember that moment.At that time also,majority among my friend is police's cildren.If want to friend with another people not from same group with police children,that place was in the school.
School is a place for me to meet people from other race,other place and others.
After 9 years live at the Johore,my family finally moved to Kompleks Klia.I live at the Klia just for 9 months because my family wait until the construction
of Putrajaya already finished.At that time also my father alternating from Klia to Putrajaya.Alhamdulillah, my mother pregnant my little brother at that time,so my father can move faster to Putrajaya.
It maybe fortune mother's pregnant thats why we get to move faster to Putrajaya.
Firstly, when knowing the news moving to Putrajaya, i really excited.I just a few month got new friend at school in Klia,now i have to move.It really hard.
I loss contact with my classmate after moved to Putrajaya.
Finally,i forgot about that after i meet many friends.I become happy.
Now, my family still living at Putrajaya.I think its about 10 years living there.Time running faster.My sibling become big and bigger.My brother is taller than me now.He always make me jealous with his height.I miss all my brothers.Always together with them to make joke,make some gossip,story telling during they are at school.I like to hear about their school.It very happy become a sister.
I also have a sister.My sister is Nurizzaty.She is the only one my sister.Even she is the angry sister, i love her.We always together when i was too young.
Sometimes she makes me smile,laughing,happy.My sister master in cooking,so  
it doesn`t matter for her to win my mother's heart.My mother always to praise
her cooking is well.Sometimes,i try to cook better than her.Yeah! That`s must be great when some day i try to cook 'Ikan Siakap Steam'.It was so superb.The food finished well.I think i cannot cook good as my sister.Its just playfull in my mind.I should not thinking like that.We have to think positive.We should think,we can do it.
my auntie`s wedding

its me

during graduation day after spm.

during working after spm examination and work as a promoter

with my friends during further studying at College Matriculation Gambang Pahang.

during semester break at Teluk Cempedak

.with my classmate at SMK Putrajaya Presint 16(1)

with friends during their mid term break 

my friends and i at Pullman.